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Dreamy Proposal at Lakeside Park // Caira + Daniel

We love sunsets in the Spring! A photographers most exciting time of the year is daylight savings because that means the sun is up longer which gives us more time to take pictures in the evening. With the cherry blossoms and lily pads Caira and Daniel's proposal was dreamy.

Caira and Daniel were college sweethearts and are currently living in DFW. After years of dating Daniel was ready to pop the question! That brought us to this moment!

Jake and I were hiding in separate spaces, he was hiding behind a bridge and I was behind a tree taking pictures of the ducks in the lily pads. As Caira and Daniel strolled to the bench and he prepared to pop the question, you could basically see the love between them. Daniel got down on his knee and and Caira could barely contain herself.

Just as he was proposing, the most beautiful sunset appeared out of a pretty dark and cloudy day, and my goodness did God show up. It was stunning!

We rushed in to take their pictures up-close and meet them for the first time! We are so excited for these two as they get married!

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