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Grapevine Lakeside Proposal // Rhett + Taylor

We had the pleasure of shooting a proposal for Rhett and his girlfriend, now fiancé, Taylor! Rhett had reached out to us about shooting a proposal at Taylor's parents house that backed up to a lake here in Dallas. Rhett and Taylor's family hosted a margarita night at Taylor's family house, and everyone joined in on the plan!

Rhett had us take a picture of him on his knee in a boat on the lake with, "will you marry me" signs in the background before the girls showed up to the house. Once the girls arrived, they came down to the lake to take pictures together. Rhett hid behind a golf cart so that Taylor would not see him and we were walking along the trail by the lake "taking pictures of nature", and saw the girls walk up to the golf cart. We thought Rhett's cover was blown and we practically ran down the trail to distract them. Turns out they didn't see him and were just putting their phones and drinks down. THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE!

Once we got down to the lake, we asked if they wanted us to take their pictures for them since we just happened to be professional photographers out on a walk! Her friends knew about the plan and went along with it and Taylor suspected nothing! We took a couple of cute pictures of the three of them and then showed them a few picture on the camera, one of the pictures being Rhett on his knee. Taylor was so confused but then turned around to see Rhett on his knee.

She said YES!

Suddenly Taylor put the hints together: getting her nails done with her best friend, her sister being in town, and why everyone was insistent that she wear something cute that night! Little did she know that her family had decorated the house and was throwing them a party!

Every proposal is so unique and sweet! We feel so honored to be apart of Rhett and Taylor's love story!

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